See God- Where? How? Why?

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 Most of us know it too well that abiding peace lies in the lotus feet of the Almighty; even then we are disturbed! Why? Very often, we beseech Him and somewhere deep within we have a constant quest to know Him. But even then we don’t find Him and consequently true happiness and peace! Why? Simply because we do not search for God where He actually dwells.

To elucidate the same concept, Saint Rabiya once did a divine sport. She started searching for something outside her cottage. In the meantime, two people walked past her cottage and seeing Rabiya tensed, asked her for the reason. Rabiya promptly answered, ‘Oh Sons, my needle is lost. Will you help me in finding that?’ Out of respect for her elderly age, these two men also started helping Rabiya in her search. Within no time, dozens of other villagers also gathered to aid her in her mission to search the needle. However, the desired result was not forthcoming. Efforts proved futile. Finally, an irritated villager inquired from Rabiya- ‘Mother, just try to recall the spot your needle exactly fell?’ Rabiya answered that the needle fell inside her cottage. The villagers were shocked! As if knocked down with a feather! They revolted and questioned why then she was making them look for the needle outside? Rabiya innocently reasoned that it was dark inside. To this, the villagers laughed and explained that if it is dark, then why not light up a candle or a lamp? ‘But O old Mother! The needle can be found only at that spot where it actually got lost.’ Grabbing the right opportunity, Rabiya remarked that this was the fact she wanted everyone to understand regarding God too. She reasoned – ‘You all are searching for God outside, in various temples, pilgrimages, or religious sites; whereas He, verily, dwells within the innermost chamber of your being. And, if it is dark there, then enlighten it with the lamp of divine knowledge. But you can find His glorious presence only where it actually is, i.e., in your own Heart or Self.’

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